IndieHell Currency(IHC)

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IndieHell Currency(IHC)

Post  Angry Bread on Sun Dec 13, 2009 9:32 am

IndieHell Currency(IHC) can be used multiple ways. You can buy games that charge IHC, add ons, and more. There are three main ways to earn IHC:
Post- Topics: 5 IHC, Replies: 1 IHC
Sell- Sell games, add ons, and more
Win Contests- Official contests have prizes of IHC
Submitting Games- 50 IHC per submitted game

IMPORTANT: To transfer IHC to another member, PM Angry Bread and say transfer [000] IHC to [username].

Also, even though it is possible to do, I will not give myself IHC. I have to earn it like everyone else.
-Angry Bread
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